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Looks like it was made from Scratch, That is how i make my games! I refer you don't use .sb2 and use a Scratch to Windows PC App converter: It will make your scratch project into a professional computer app! Just follow the steps, it is really easy!

Yep. Its a Scratch project :D. If you want to see my scratch account, just type MeIzAwezomeDede in Scratch's search bar. Then you can click my profile and we can follow :D. Anyways, I'll go check out the converter. Thanks for playing!

Ok, just to say: I'm stupid xD do you know how to use the converter, or are there instructions and I'm just blind? Thx

There are sopposed to be instructions, let me find a youtube tut for you

I could not find anything on google, you will have to do it yourself. sorry to say, but yeah.

Nah, ur good

I followed you on scratch, and you should take a look at my games on itch!

Ok :D I followed you back also

I figured out how to get the converter to work :D