A downloadable game for Windows

First off, you will need Scratch 2.0 installed. To play, first open the scratch file, click the blue window button at the top left, and then click the green flag. Click on flies to swat them, and click powerups to collect them. Also, when you get to 1000 points, the game really starts to lag and the best solution is to not use fullscreen at that point. Credit to Audacity and Scratch.


Scratch_2.0_FlySwatter.sb2 447 kB


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Hey Melz, looks like your entry was accidentally deleted for FloppyJam . The Jam Hoster said that you could resubmit it again. Check out the FloppyJam forum post for details :)

Okie thanks :D but the creator of the jam also said that... well, Scratch's libraries are too big? Idk what that means tho (ima noob) but still thanks

Likely means that the game has too big of files that your project depends on to be shipped with it on a floppy disk, I believe. Since I use .net, all the libraries I use come on-board any Windows install. Scratch is not native to Windows and requires us to have Scratch. I think for Scratch projects to qualify, you have to be able to completely ship Scratch with your game, but don't quote me. I'm not 100% sure.

Meh IDK ill just ask him

i have an idea in the newest update(if you're planning to update the game):

-add bees, that will sting you when you touch them making you can't slap flies for a limited amount of time and you don't need to slap them if you get a collectible power-up that i will say things about now in the next comment...

-add a power-up Honey Jar, Which is collactable and you can throw it to distract bees how i said in the previous comment

Good idea, but kinda complicated. Usually in the waves there are hundreds of flies and that would make them hard to swat so maybe the bee could be slower? Also I was originally going to put a bee anyway, and what it would of been was a fly but faster. Thanks for the idea :D


with the right conventers you could make it an .exe wich is basically a pc app! :)

cool. what program do I need?

well first you need an online conventer on https://junebeetle.github.io/converter/online/ and then SWF to EXE converter i prefer http://swftools.sourceforge.net/swf-to-exe.html

My computer said the SWF to EXE converter contained a virus but the online one was fine.

weird i downloaded it and it was 100% virus-free....what Windows are you on??

Windows 10